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Nanchang bright laboratory equipment limited company successfully restructured.


"Qualified products by the national coal quality supervision and inspection center" test is "after the identification of the former Ministry of coal" and "Coal Science Research Institute" recommended.


The introduction of domestic first apply to coal detection of the multifunctional combined sample preparation unit, identified by the authority, conformity, won the national patent.


The introduction of domestic first apply to coal detection with automatic feeding device and the feeding device of the disposable multifunctional combined sample preparation unit, identified by the authority, conformity, won the national patent.


In the 3.15 international consumer rights day, was named "consumer rights and interests protection is advanced unit" title.


The introduction of domestic first applied to raw ore sample preparation ofmultifunctional combined sample preparation unit, identified by the authority,conformity, won the national patent.


The introduction of domestic first with automatic take water sample functioncombined with sample preparation unit, identified by the authority, conformity,won the national patent.


The general manager He Wenli is "the National Standardization Technical Committee" hired as technical committee, participate in relevant national standards and review of.

"Light" in the same industry took the lead through the GBT19001-2000 (ISO-9001:

2000) quality management system certification.


The company developed the series of multifunctional combined sample preparation unit, the three prize was awarded the science and technology progress.


In the industry's first put forward the concept of environmental protection, the success of the product design for comprehensive environmental protection type,won the national patent, and the successful listing.


Won the Nanchang City Federation of industry and Commerce awarded the "starannual innovation enterprise" the title of honor.

In support of Nanchang municipal organizations, set up a party branch, and access to "actively support the work of Party building entrepreneurs" title of honor.


The introduction of domestic the first intelligent type pulverizer, won the national patent.


The company will be in 2008 "quality management year", the full implementation of the "5S" management activities, strengthen the implementation of the ISO quality management system.


Launched the first domestic applicable to all kinds of ore computer control linkage sample preparation system.

Launched the first micro jaw crusher.

Company in 2009 as "service management" to strengthen staff awareness of service, the realization of "unlimited service, customer satisfaction is our work standards" of the enterprise purpose.

Introduced the first domestic high strength crusher, the successful solution of thealloy sample material sample preparation problems.

The company developed the multifunctional combined sample preparation unit,won the "Three China coal industry science and technology award".


The introduction of domestic new generation multifunctional combined system prototype, the successful solution of the troubled industry for many yearsbecause of coal moisture due to large sample problem of material jam, identified by the authority, conformity, won the national patent.

The company developed the patent products won the "China Federation of industry science and technology award".


Take the national standard "coal sample preparation system technical condition"make the work.

Launched the world's first meets ISO standard coal combined sample preparation unit, through the "SGS"

Agencies use and accreditation by foreign customers praise.

Successful R & D applies to the metallurgical industry "automatic alloy sample preparation system" by the authoritative department accreditation by the national patent, and the successful listing.

The introduction of "technical innovation" 2011 staff activities, the company set off everyone innovation boom, emerged in a number of grass-roots workersparticipate in product innovation, the "mill easy pressing device", won the national patent, through the domestic and foreign users of praise.


In May, "Guodian fuel intelligent management seminar", the first in the industryput forward an idea of coal test sample preparation "unmanned" through a combination of sample preparation equipment, and the design scheme and the working procedure of specific published for the first time.

The launch of the first domestic desktop jaw crusher instrument, the success of the mechanical equipment in the coarse ore into precision instruments, and can meet the requirement of large power, to realize the operation and adjustment in one time, won four national patents.

"Nanchang coal test engineering technology research center" approved,founded in the light.

The company patented multi-function combined sample preparation unit won the "2012 major industries of Nanchang science and technology project"


The introduction of "standardization construction, innovation and development" activities, the full implementation of the "post" work flow, standardization, through rationalization proposals combined with performance appraisal, encourage employees to everyone innovation, constantly innovation, every innovation.

The introduction of domestic first adopts the digital quantity instead of traditionalanalog control, has reached the rotating sample instrument precision sample,free sample laboratory from two divider operation tedious, realize sampling and sample, bottling in one step, and won the national patent.

Introduced the industry's first automatic feeding roll crusher, synchronization can feed, broken, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator, and three national patents.

The introduction of domestic first can replace mortar type artificial grind thegrinding apparatus.

In May the industry the first set of environmental protection type unmanned coalcombined sample preparation system developed, identified by the authority,qualified, and formally put into use in the electric power plant in Kangping, getthe user's consistent high praise, won the state invention patent.

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